Rage Black Series Coc 2 In. 3 Pk.

Rage Black Series Coc 2 In. 3 Pk.


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The Rage Black Series COC Broadheads are at the forefront of archery technology, offering a 3-pack of 100-grain broadheads designed to revolutionize your hunting experience. These broadheads are renowned for their SlipCam technology and rear-deploying blades that ensure they fly like field points for predictable accuracy. Upon impact, the 2-inch cutting diameter expands without significant loss of kinetic energy, providing a lethal hit.

Features:Rage Black Series COC Broadheads;100-grain weight for optimal balance;2-inch cutting diameter for expansive impact;SlipCam technology for field-point-like flight;Rear-deploying blades for maximum cutting on entry;Maintains kinetic energy upon impact;Pack of 3 broadheads for convenience
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