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Stealth Cam Ds4k Transmit Cellular Trail Cam At&t And Verizon With 32gb Sd Card


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The DS4K Transmit uses a 32-megapixel camera to deliver crisp images and provide video in high-resolution 4k. This model transfers data and images via AT&T and Verizon networks, saving you time and energy from having to retrieve the SD card. The 100 ft. detection and IR range allow for clear images and video day and night. Includes an ultrafast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds and a 1-9 image burst mode to provide lightning-quick captures so you dont miss a thing. An external battery is available if you prefer to use something other than AA batteries.

Features:32-megapixel camera;4k ultra HD video;NoGlo infared flash with 100ft range;0.2 second trigger;Operates on 12 AA batteries (external battery pack sold separately)

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