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Swat Juggernaut St Broadheads 150 Gr. 3 Pk.

Swat Juggernaut St Broadheads 150 Gr. 3 Pk.

Swat Broadheads

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The Juggernaut was designed to be unstoppable to penetrate better than a fixed blade in a mechanical broadhead. Made of STEEL with a total cut of 2.75", with a steep angled .040 blade and a guaranteed deep wound channel and greatly increased exit wound probability. The Front Blades can be set to cut a 1 5/8" Entry, or can convert to 1 3/8" Cut, or set to free floating, Also the rear blades can be shot FIXED or mechanical for a massive wound channel and exit wound that is guaranteed to Drain Your Game!

Features:150 grain mechanical;2 blade entry, 4 blade exit;0.040" blade thickness;1.625 cut diameter
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