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Trophy Ridge Digital React Bowsight 1 Pin .010 Rh

Trophy Ridge Digital React Bowsight 1 Pin .010 Rh

Trophy Ridge

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An innovative and efficient bowhunting sight, the Trophy Ridge Digital React Single-Pin Bow Sight delivers accurate sighting near or far. Powered by Trophy Tech, this electronic sight features a single .019" floating pin you can dial in on any distance with the large wheel on the side of the sight. React technology delivers a fast setup, mathematically setting the sight up from 20-100+ yards in just 10 minutes. Sight features an easy-to-see digital display with customizable colors and brightness. The Digital React also allows you to choose the distance increments displayed and save up to 5 profiles for different arrow setups. Third-axis level increases long distance accuracy. Sight comes with 6' USB charging cord and plug, optional backup sight tapes and yardage indicators, quick-start guide, and detailed manual.

Features:Easy to see digital display;Customizable colors and brightness;Save up to 5 profiles for different arrow set ups
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