Trufire Edge Ft Extreme Release Buckle Foldback

Trufire Edge Ft Extreme Release Buckle Foldback


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The TruFire Edge FT Extreme Release features a forward trigger design, extending draw length by almost 1? for enhanced accuracy. This compact device has auto-closing jaws and over 1? of customizable length adjustment, coupled with a durable camo cloth strap. It boasts a stable anchor point and crisp trigger break, thanks to its high-quality, anodized components and adjustable trigger settings. The Edge FT also integrates TruFire?s patented FoldBack design, allowing for convenient storage when not in use.

Features:Forward trigger design for nearly 1" extra draw length;Compact head with auto-close jaws for secure, precise release;Over 1" of length adjustment for a custom fit;Camo cloth strap for style and functionality;Enhances shooting accuracy and comfort;Hard-wearing anodized components for durability;Comfortable leather buckle strap;Patented FoldBack design for easy storage when not in use;Customizable trigger tension and travel adjustments.
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