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Truglo Veros Sight Realtree Edge 5 Pin Rh-lh


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The Rizewrap angled –fiber holder increases the light exposure to the fiber optics. With the unique Pro-Brite pin design with its extra-long fibers increases maximum brightness and durability. Features include mid-bracket elevation adjustments, micro-adjustable windage and elevation with strong pre-loaded joints, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustable level, there is a threaded to accept a sunshade (sold separately), comes with decreasing diameter pins that are smaller for use at longer shooting distances, cane be adjusted for right or left hand shooters. Includes the Pro rotary LED sight light, with a glow in the dark shooter’s ring with an enhanced green day glow. Has the Tru-Touch soft feel technical coating for quiet use.

Rizewrap angled-fiber holder increase light exposure
Pro-Brite pin design
Decreasing Diameter smaller pins for longer distances
Glow-in-dark green day ring

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