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Wildgame Mirage Game Camera 22 Mp Blackout Trubark

Wildgame Mirage Game Camera 22 Mp Blackout Trubark

Wildgame Innovation

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The Mirage 22 Lightsout delivers sharp 22-megapixel images and superior nighttime image capability. Exposure control settings make it easier to find the right combination of clarity and distance based on the cameras location. The addition of Lightsout Technology conceals the camera with a 42-piece invisible LED flash for stealth illumination. The camera reacts with a trigger speed less than 1/2 seconds and stays quiet with Silent Shield technology. Includes an adjustable strap with alligator clips for easy installation.

Features:22 MP images/ 720p HD videos;85 foot illumination range;Silent Shield quiets all camera operations;Lightsout technology illuminates with an invisible flash;Adaptive Illumination adjusts based on distance to subject
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